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    Hey guys, is it a general rule on the forum that each posting/reply get approved? It's happening on every post I want to make, even when I am not in the "Buy and Sell" section. It's not allowing me to utilize the forums discussions to my advantage.

    When I try to reply to someone it takes days for the reply (This includes creating New Threads as well) it takes a few days before anything shows up

    Thank you!

    -Mike Kraze

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    Your first 5 posts need to be approved, but if you post multiple times during that time, they all get deleted by angry mods
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    Lol! Thanks Jester.

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    I'll delete them even if i'm joyously happy.
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    Haha good to know. I've browsed these forums for months, I think I'm going to enjoy my stay.

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    you will, i did. welcome to the community.
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