happy new year!

question... i bought a used dj coffin that had most of the foam inserts taken out and had custom metal hooks to hold the cdj's and mixer up. they were ugly and i didn't want them scratching the equipment, so i took them out and am starting from stage one

how do you guys fit the cdj's and mixer into the coffin? do you just experiment with foam pieces till you have the right height?

ideally, i want everything flush with the edges of the case... also, do you prefer to prop up your mixer or leave it flush?

where do you find the foam to do this? do you use anything besides foam? kinda paranoid, but do you worry about scratching the cdj's when aligning and putting the lid back on?

i was originally gonna leave the stuff in there, but this thing's a bitch to lift so i'm just gonna use it for transporting to gigs. i see why some of y'all use controllers lol