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    Default RELOOP DIGITAL JOCKEY any good?

    was thinking of picking one of these up i aint heard to much about them
    and cant find alot of videos on them,but they do work with traktor

    so can anyone shed some light please

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    iīve heard good and bad should work quite good with traktor, since itīs a dedicated controller but i donīt have personal expiriences but one thing you canīt expect from a reloop controller is the build quality of vestax e.g. vci-100!

    interesting to hear if someone from here has picked it up...


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    I debated between the Digital Jockey 2 and the vci 100 (and the torq) for a longgggg time and just like you I didn't find much info on the digital jockey at all. There is an older forum on here about them, but if youve used the search button then youve probably already seen that.

    In the end I just went ahead with the vci 100 like everyone else just because I was a bit nervous about the digital jockey not having alot of reviews, and the vci 100 had a million good reviews. Plus all the info on this site alone was convincing enough for me to get the vestax.

    This being said, Im sure the reloop is a great controller and you'll be plenty happy with it too =)

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    September issue of IDJ has a review of the Reloop DJ2 and they like it,

    magazine quote kinda:
    PRO: according to them the controlls feels positive, its rdy for Traktor PRo and u get Traktor LE with it, knobs r big and the transprt buttons r backlit and big.

    con: only 1 analog input, and a bit cramped by the top controlls

    verdict:Using it is a pleasure and with Traktor its gr8 and ur onto a winner.
    /end magazine kinda quote

    if there is any legal issues with me kinda quoting them just remove the quote part mods.

    all in all it looks good and solid from what I read in the review. havent tryed it thou
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    Computer music gives more points to the Reloop than the Vextax as a controller for Traktor pro:
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