Hello everyone!

First of all introduce myself. My name is Enol, I'm 18 and I'm from Spain.

I recently purchased the Midi Fighter Classic device and I am newbie configuring that.
I downloaded the Traktor (2.6.3) and Ableton Live Suite 9 to test.
So far I have managed to operate the device in Traktor, but only one mapping is introduced into the program and the midi fighter with the "Mf Utility" program

My doubts are several, but the main one is: What program would i need to practice and introduce fingerdrumming sounds (or soundpacks) I choose my Midi Fighter Classic and what would be the procedure based on my knowledge with Ableton and Traktor are basic?

Thank you very much, I've been reading the forum for a long time in the shadow and I finally dared to ask in this community of experts and not so experts like me.