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    SO, I'm finally setting up my in home studio (seriously tho, I'm not kidding this time lol). And I just wanted to make sure I'm getting everything I'll need to have a functional studio to produce some sick moombahton beats

    At the moment I have set up:
    2x 5in KRKs with foam padding underneath them
    A 2i4 FocusRite Sound Card

    I am getting within the next month or so:
    Some Studio Foam
    A USB Hub
    A MicroKorg Vocoder
    A couple MIDI Cables so the MicroKorg can hook into the MIDI ports on my sound card
    A MPD18 for drumming things out
    And a few USB A to B cables with Ferrite cores to ward away some of the RF that seems to populate my studio room.

    I have my desktop and printer running on a separate circuit from my studio monitors to prevent direct electrical noise transfer, so I don't think I really NEED a power conditioner. But correct me if I'm wrong and I should get one.

    So am I missing anything that will help my small home studio? Or am I pretty on point?

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    you might want to check out some synths!
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    Out of curiosity, what software are you using? That's a pretty solid setup you have planned.
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    depending on which DAW you get/have there are tons of synth VSTs out there and some analog synthesizers depending on the availability in your area. Why not pick up a condenser mic for sampling purposes as well?
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