Speaker help… Can't decide between Studio Moniters or PAs
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    Default Speaker help… Can't decide between Studio Moniters or PAs

    Alright so I'm in the market for some new speakers and I don't know whether I should get say a pair of rokit 8's to start out with or similar priced PA speakers like behringers Eurolive series or whatever. I'm mildly into producing but they would be predominantly used for mixing, and the stuff i'm really into is like Drumcode style techno and deep bassy house, with a lot of bottom end that sometimes tends to drown out the highs. Also, nothing bigger than house parties for this particular set of speakers.

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    Studio monitors, definitely studio monitoes.
    If you take room accoustics and speaker placement out the question, getting a pair of monitors more or less guarantees that what you hear is what the production really sounds like.

    Further down the line, it never hurts to get a pair of bigger boxes to see what your stuff sounds like on a big system, but for starters, definitely monitors.
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    Monitors for producing, and PA for parties. Either are fine for solo DJing.
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    Definitely the monitors...and +1 for the Rokits...I have a pair of 8s and they are AMAZING!!! you'll definitely like them...

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    i have both, but for dj'ing get a pair of audiophile speakers like these


    They actually sound awsome, and you can throw a small house party with them no problem (you will need an amp though)

    I have also tried these


    I was blown away, just for mixing, they sound great!!

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    The monitors will be best in small rooms, a few feet away from you. The pa's you will want at least 20ft away from you and cranked up a bit to get decent sound out of them as they are designed to play loud.
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