which controller is good to start?
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    Default which controller is good to start?

    hello would like to help me with a question that I have, I have always liked the world of electronics, but I was never encouraged to get into it, in order want to buy my first mixer controller, but would like to know what suggestions can make me to buy the best, I am from Venezuela and I'll buy outside the country via the Internet, I want a driver that is not worth more than $ 500 U.S., and both read and seen as the pioneer ergo or Numark N4 4deck, maybe denom mc3000 are good to start and already following terms for intermediate and advanced experience, which also are good and cheap headphones .. well I hope I hope your answers help .. regards

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    pick up an S2 mk2 and go nuts

    I would seriously recommend an "all in one" controller for you just starting out. You can always add to the setup later as you progress.
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    Yes. Traktor S2 MK2 beast controller. From personal experience however, I would recommend the Numark Mixtrack Pro II for novices, but Traktor S2 would probably be better.

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