Decksavers - Cutting/Drilling/Modding
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    Default Decksavers - Cutting/Drilling/Modding

    Has anyone hacked up any of their Decksavers?

    I've got one for my DJM850 - but I can't leave the headphones and USB plugged in if I want to use the Decksaver. I don't want to constantly plug and un-plug the USB cable, so I thought of cutting out a hole for the cables to "poke" up through.

    Anyone tried this? I thought of drilling and cutting the Decksaver - but I can imagine HUGE cracks developing if I do this!

    Anyone actually done it? Or know what material the Decksavers are?
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    Use a laser cutter and there won't be any chance of cracks (at least during the cutting process).

    You could just use a right-angled USB cable that lays flat across the mixer surface.
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