I have a dilemma when sorting my itunes library. I use smart playlist with folders and I organize them by dates and genre groups. For instance, I will have a January 2014 folder with a smart playlist for electro house, deep house, house, funky house, disco house, garage, hip/hop, etc. (about 4400 songs, old and new). My problem is that I have a heavy load of house music and sometimes have a difficult time finding the tracks I want to play next during a dj set. I know during a dj set, to have a playlist of what you want to play, might play, and etc. but even though I organize it doesn't feel that (if that makes sense).

I have read many articles from djtt on how to sort but is there a more productive way or how do you guys do it? To be more specific, how do you organize a wide load of house music when they are similar?