New Wireless Power Knob Controller
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    Default New Wireless Power Knob Controller

    Saw an article over here on gizmodo about this cool little device called the Griffen PowerMate Knob

    They have had a wired version out for a while but this is a new bluetooth connected version. I immediately thought this could be a cool and easy to use DJ controller. A quick google search showed that you can get it send MIDI so its feasible to use it in Traktor and Abelton. It wouldn't be the most useful thing but I'm sure theres one or two cool applications that it could be used for.

    It reminded me a bit of the MIDI Fighter Uno in a way. It would look cool and not be overwhelming practical but you could air horn all night if you want to and look like a boss doing it

    What do you guys think? What would you use it for?
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    Like you said, looks cool but not very practical

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