Hi, im somewhat new here on the forums but ive used your guides and information for a bit now. Well for Christmas someone picked me up a Launchpad S as a gift cause i had mentioned i needed a pad controller to use with my Re-loop terminal mix 4. I had intended to set it up as an effects pad with samples. however i didnt realize that to get the mapping for VDJ you had to buy the $300 full edition. i only have the basic version now i understand it can be programed manually and i am prepared to do that, however all the information i can find is for the original Launchpad not the S variant. ive tried a few simple launchpad mappings that had some simple buttons programed in and it does not seem to work. Is there some kind of difference in the mapping syntax or the way the mapping file it self is setup, that im missing?

Any help would be greatly appreciated.