Help for a newbie please!!
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    Default Help for a newbie please!!

    Hey all

    Hope I'm posting this is the right area, I've got alot of questions so it was hard to choose the right section.

    Basically I'm a musician, and decided I'd fancy messing around with some productiony/synthy type stuff.
    Nothing too high tech or professional, just something for home use.

    I've been using Caustic 3 for a while and just bought an Akai MPK mini as I've seen others using it with android for basic stuff.
    My plan was to just run caustic on my tablet (Samsung Tab3 (7")), using the mpk just as a keyboard.
    But it's not working.
    I'm not much of a tech head so I have no idea what I'm doing wrong..

    So now I'm figuring I'll just use my laptop with the mpk, I'm guessing it'll let me make better use of the all the mpks functions but again I'm not sure what to start with.
    Not sure what software would be best for me to run it through that's affordable (Ableton looks expensive), and will I need other software in addition to something like ableton.

    Soo yeah, if anyone has any ideas for my tablet troubles that'd be great, otherwise any suggestions for pc software, that'll be friendly enough for a newbie like me but not so basic that everything sounds rubbish, then that'd be great.

    Sorry for the essay and I understand people like me with no knowledge of tech asking stupid questions can be very annoying, so thanks for putting up with it =]

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    Try Reaper, you get a fully functioning DAW for free, except a screen asking you to buy a license pops up after the 30-day trial period on the startup. - the licenses are pretty reasonably priced too.
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