Jellybean's Home Booth
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    Cool Jellybean's Home Booth

    A nice little room for all the man toy's away from the missus.

    Previously I looked at using a smaller shelf and Sefour speaker brackets - after moving in there is un-even flooring and the Sefour stands did not hold the speakers very wall, the dammed things wobbled everywhere. Thankfully Sefour have awesome support and have offered a full refund of 80.

    Also had considered two Denon SC-2000 controllers to give more control's for FX and not having to use the bloody mouse. But I came across Touch OSC for the iPad, created a custom layout and works like a dream and control's deck C&D too!

    That saved me 400 and the hassle of doing a makeshift holder for the controller's.

    ...oh and gave room for a longer shelf to put my 24 inch monitor

    Sefour X30
    Ikea Capita Brackets
    B & Q floaty wall shelf (only 4 as it was missing all the fixtures)

    Installation was really easy, the X30 is very heavy. Pleased with the capita brackets and the shelf (I'm a DIY novice), extremely sturdy. Although the shelf is hollow, I''m surprised that it's supporting the weight really well. I'll be keeping an eye on it and maybe change it to a thinner solid board.

    DJM 600
    Technics 1210 MK3Ds
    B & W CM Series Speakers
    Rotel Amp
    Gemini ikey USB recorder
    Audio DJ8
    Traktor Scratch Pro 2
    Touch OSC app
    Sefour isolation platform v2
    Basic USB to midi cable from ebay

    If only I had remembered to by some cable ties

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    Sweet setup man! Is that a custom OSC layout or did you get it somewhere? That layout looks like exactly what I need in my setup.

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    Nice setup...just like mine
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    Jealous. I wish I could get Touch OSC to work.
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    Very nice setup, love the B&W's, and you can't go wrong with Rotel amps, mine died recently (was old, and had been worked hard) do rather miss it. And the 4D with Technics, great stuff!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rian View Post
    Sweet setup man! Is that a custom OSC layout or did you get it somewhere? That layout looks like exactly what I need in my setup.
    Yeah it's a custom layout. I can send it to you if you like.

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