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Sorry for the delays I've been quite busy..

There is the file, try to understand how it works, if you don't I'll re-dive into it
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NOTE: You’ll need an entire dedicated midi channel to use this technique , (mine is 16 so it doesn’t clash with any of my other controllers), and a bunch of buttons/knobs, and a bunch of modifiers
Routing :
1-download and install loopmidi or any software of this kind
2-create a midi port inside loopmidi called i.e “beatphase”
3-open traktor and in the controller manager: add>generic midi called i.e “internal loop”
The routing of “internal loop” must be : in=all ports // out=”beatphase”
4-import my tsi file; in controller manager>add>import tsi>import other
The routing of my tsi file must be: in=all ports//out=all ports
MAP of the launch control so you can understand and remap my tsi to your controller.:
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/e this is a 8 bar count, I don't know where the hell I put the former 16count tsi of my launchpad, but once you get how it works, the mapping is pretty much the same

this is so nuts. thank you sir!