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    Default Custom fx presets

    Hey djtt. I was wondering if anyone knows how ean made fx presets in his new mapping (by holding shift and double clicking a button). I want to make the four fx buttons under the knobs work in a similar manner, enabling 4 different fx group settings assigned to them that, when double clicked, will enable the fx and set the knobs to the desired positions. I tried recreating it in the midi editor but it didn't work. Thanks guys and gals
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    it's nothing more than a little mapping.. effect select, effect on and so on all mapped to one button, which then does multiple things with one hit..

    the easiest way would be to search the buttons which already act like this (e.g. the EQ FX) and see what is mapped to it.. just play a little bit around with the stuff..

    edit# i just found out that there are already mappings of this kind.. press shift and a effect on button and watch
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