Traktor Distortion in Middle of Set - Not a buffer or monitor issue
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    Default Traktor Distortion in Middle of Set - Not a buffer or monitor issue

    I recently upgraded to the newest version of Traktor and while practicing today, maybe about 30-40 minutes into a set, I started getting some very noticeable and irritating distortion from Traktor. I always keep my output at -8dB and it wasn't clipping or overloading - it was constant throughout both quiet and loud parts of whatever track was playing. My first thought was it was a speaker/monitor issue, but my headphones which are fed from a different output were reproducing the distortion also. My next thought was maybe my S2 was bugging out, but unplugging it did nothing to stop it. And finally I tried adjusting the buffer settings in preferences, moving it all the way up even though the Load indicator wasn't showing any problems - and this didn't fix it either.

    Long story short I had to quit and restart Traktor to sort this out. Has anyone else had this problem? Have some gigs coming up in a few days and that is a set killer if it happens while I'm playing.

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    Did you have keylock on? sounds like your processor was working too hard and the only thing I can think of (that you havent mentioned) is that maybe you were playing a track that had to be severely sped up or slowed down, in which case your processor would have a fit trying to keep it in key.
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    It might be that the USB cable is on the way out. That would be my first thing to swap out.

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