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    what's up guys, this forum has always been awesome for networking, i was active here a lot back in 2009/2010 & then DJing & studio work started taking up more and more time. glad to see everything growing like it has been.

    anyway, i'll be in Barcelona (via Atlanta) for a week in late Feb (23-30) for a little vacation & wanted to see if there's any TT'ers out there who gig out or have been through there and can give me any kind of advice. ideally would love to pick up a little gig or 2, i can play pretty much everything.

    some credentials: been gigging since 2009 and have headlined shows in LA, Vegas, New Orleans, Philly & just got back from Jacksonville. my specialty is bass music & just broke 8k followers on soundcloud, but i also love playing house (prog/deep & big room). i've had a couple tunes chart on the Beatport Top 10 (Hip Hop) and have had a mention in Rolling Stone & Vibe magazine.

    if anyone knows what's up, feel free to get in touch, it'd be much appreciated.

    thanks guys / /
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    I'll be in that area too, unfortunately I'm going in july so no meeting up... I'll also be in France, very near the Spanish border

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    I studied there in 2008. I can recommend a lot of great clubs, but as far as connections for gigging, you'll have to do some work on that. There is this promoter who promotes to a lot of the study abroad kids and has some connections. You can see about getting in touch with him... Not sure how easy it will be to get a gig though without someone knowing you. Best bet may be to try to meet some people in person.

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