Hi everyone. This is my first time in the forum. I'm from Argentina so i apologize if my english is not that good .

I been trying to figure out this for a few days now.
My current setup is a Macbook Pro running Traktor, X1, Xone K2, Traktor Audio 2 and a couple of monitors.
I've been using this for some time now, so i decided to upgrade my setup and bought a Xone 92 in order to start mixing in external mode.
I realize i need to upgrade my soundcard as well in order to do this, so im planning on buying an Audio 10. (Not using timecode vinyls for the moment, but i want to be able to do it in the future if I want to).
The problem is that I also want to be able to control Ableton effects with the Xone 92 with both Returns 1 & 2. So considering that i would need a total of 8 outputs for this (4 decks, 2 returns, 1 headphone and 1 monitors) i thought i could sum all the souncards into an aggregate device.

Could you tell me if this is the way i would need to set everything up? I'll attach a picture of the connections.

4 Decks
A10 A outputs (3/4) -> Xone 92 Line 1 inputs
A10 B outputs (5/6) -> Xone 92 Line 2 inputs
A10 C outputs (7/8) -> Xone 92 Line 3 inputs
A10 D outputs (9/10) -> Xone 92 Line 4 inputs

Ableton Effects through Mixer (1)
A10 Main outputs (1/2) -> Xone Return 2 inputs
A10 Main inputs (1/2) -> Xone Aux 2 outputs

Ableton Effects through Mixer (2)
Audio 2 output (B) -> Xone Return 1 inputs
A10 A inputs (3/4) -> Xone Aux 1 outputs

K2 rear outputs to Monitors

K2 front outputs to headphones

Not really sure if mixing Audio 2 outputs and Audio 10 A inputs (outputs are connected to a channel input in the mixer) is okay.

Do you think this would work, or think i could set up everything in a better way?
Thanks a lot to everyone in advance!!

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