Hi guys,

I've decided to completely re-map my Twitch for use with Traktor, but didn't like the Basic Mode. I've set my controller to Advanced Mode, and I have successfully remapped everything EXCEPT for the touchstrip.

The Drop function is mapped fine, but the Swipe function won't map correctly.

When changing from Basic to Advanced, some controller inputs are rerouted. For example, Pad 1 in the Deck A section routs through Ch08.Note.C7 in Basic Mode, but routes through Ch08.Note.C4 in Advanced Mode.

That is all very well, but when it comes to mapping the touchstrip it gets complicated:

In Basic Mode the Drop function routes through Ch08.CC.052.
In Basic Mode the Swipe function routes through Ch08.CC.053.

In Advanced Mode the Drop function still routes through Ch08.CC.52.
In Advanced Mode, the Swipe function NO LONGER routes through Ch08.CC.053.

When I map anything to Ch08.CC.053 in Advanced Mode, the touchstrip does not have an effect.

I have tried mapping the Swipe function through Ch08.CC.052 (the same as the Drop function), but doing this makes the touchstrip act like a forward swipe button on one half (right half), and a back swipe button on the other half (left half) of the touchstrip. It no longer allows the ability to Swipe.

Does anyone have a solution for this? I have downloaded and tried lots of other mappings to see if I could copy the Swipe controls from those, but they are either designed to be used with Basic Mode, or the touchstrip isn't mapped correctly.

Thanks guys.