Hey Guys!

Some of you might have read that with some friends, I started a little jam night. I just wanted to share the concept with you guys because if you are as lucky as me to be surrounded by a lot of DJs, you could recreate the same thing.

So every Thursday night, we meet up for what we called our Throwdown Thursdays. We hooked up multiple setups together so we can have up to 4 DJs playing at the same time. Yesterday was the first real night. We obviously played music, creating a big tag team type of night but we also sat down to talk about the next few weeks.

The goal of this weekly meeting is to learn from each other. Some of the guys have been DJing for the past 20 years while others like me couldn't even walk 20 years ago. We are girls and guys, between the age of 21 and 39 (roughly), who like different genres of electronic music, use different type of gear, with different knowledge and skill levels. So instead of all learning by ourselves, in our bedroom, and only sharing every few months when someone throws a party, we decided to get together and teach each other.

Next week, we decided to cover the basics of Traktor. I'm actually going to be "teaching" that one with the help of my mentor (Hi Brendan! ). Most of us already use Traktor, but without really knowing the software. In 2 weeks from now, we're doing the basics of Turntables and CDJs with the emphasis put on beatmatching. In 3 weeks from now, I think we're going be talking about sound systems, sound equipment and sound engineering. And so on, you can figure out the pattern. There will also be time to practice and poly what was learn every week and people can show up earlier just to play some tracks.

After only 1 night, we're all pumped up and excited. I've know those guys for a while and I don't I've ever seen any of them that excited about DJing. The effect of this weekly thingy will be amazing, I can already tell.

So now, I wanna know if anyone else does the same thing with some of their friends, and how everything goes. And I also hope that this will inspire other people to start those type of nights.

Any comments or questions are welcomed! And let me know if maybe, I should record everything and maybe create tutorials out of this?