crazy midi signal from my Kontrol X1
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    Default crazy midi signal from my Kontrol X1

    I notice that the small midi signal indicator in traktor is going wild when I do nothing, I realized this when I was mapping my x1 into ableton to control some basics. I mapped a few things to control recording/stop/play and such and once I mapped them, shit was just going wild. like I was banging buttons like crazy. Yet my X1 works fine in traktor as normal, functions exactly how it should. Yet in MIDI mode it goes apeshit, anyone have any ideas why this is happening?

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    Don't know what is causing the behavior you describe, but you could analyse the midi signal.
    There may be better ways to do it but one way is to use the free/trail (not sure actually, but it works) version of bome midi translator:

    Download install.
    start the program

    "Midi in" menu -> choose the x1 (it has to be connected)
    "Translator" menu -> add
    Double click the incoming trigger on the new line that was added in the table view, it will open a new window with 3 tabs and incoming should be selected.
    Tick the capture midi tick-box.

    The program will now show which midi signals it receives from the x1.

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