Should I buy a s4 or s2 or X1/F1? Need some guidance
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    Default Should I buy a s4 or s2 or X1/F1? Need some guidance

    Extremely New
    Looking to get started in all of this.
    Already have Traktor 2.
    What would be the best setup for me to learn the basics teach myself and learn online?
    I listen to all types of electric music and want to experiment with all types.
    I travel alot. So it can't be to big. I'm looking at an S2
    Could I do the same with a X1/F1 setup vs. a S2/S4?
    What would be the best way to learn online?
    I want to get the most for my money and want to start off right.
    Please help

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    Probably start with the Z1 and X1. Once you have the basics down, and want to start using remix decks, get an F1. Or you can get a Xone K2 if you want to mix 4 decks.

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    The S2 would be the easiest to get into for a beginner.
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    If you want to learn the basics you need jogwheels. So something like an S2 would be the best idea although there are better controllers in that price range than the S2.

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    Also think about used gear. I first had a new S2 Mk2, than realised the iPad compability is not worth it (for me) and bought a XDJ-R1 used, but with warranty for the same price as the S2 was before. I love that piece of kit! But well..., if you only want a two channel controller (no CDs/USB/Rekordbox/Serato) than get something cheaper and used. Try before buy and you are on the safe site. Or get in on ebay and do some research on the sellers previous deals to make sure he is trustworthy. If you want something new: DDJ series by Pioneer. Or XDJ-R1 if you want a step up to CDs and Rekordbox-compabilities if you ever will get into a club booth.

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