help traktor scratch pro last versione+ableton live 7 in rewire!!!
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    Default help traktor scratch pro last versione+ableton live 7 in rewire!!!

    Hello, my name is Roberto and I am writing from Naples.
    I have a problem with this link between the two programs with the program jackpilot because when I select the sound card 8 DJ gives me an error, the program turns on and closes.
    I followed the guidance of Nico, but I can not continue because of pilot error jack inviting me to double check the preferences or restart stopping.
    from italy

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    help me..

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    traktor doesn't support rewire..

    read this tutorial:
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    hello sorry I meant the link described in this guide.
    I can not follow it because when I select as the Audio 8 DJ sound card and turn on the program jackpilot me wrong.
    I close the program and explains Jack pilot rechecked the preferences and restart.
    Know why does error with the Audio 8 DJ? must make some changes in the preferences of jack pilot?

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    BUMP! having the same problem as well.

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    No Good

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    Not sure what the problem is here. Try SoundFlower maybe? I know people have gotten it to work...

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    Unplug your sound card, then plug it back in. Open Jack, and check JackPilot preferences: Audio 8, etc, etc - for now set your buffer at 512, and set your virtual in and out channels to the same number (the number of channels you will be running out of Traktor and into Ableton). For Traktor Internal mode, 4 is good. For External mode 8 should be ok, unless you use preview, then use 10 channels. Start JackPilot.

    Start Traktor. Make sure JackPilot xIn, xOut is selected as the soundcard (Not "Jack Instrument" or whatever the other one is).

    Start Ableton. Choose JackPilot xIn, xOut as the Input, and the Audio 8 as output. Make sure all the Input and Output channels are activated.

    Make sure you have the buffer in Ableton set to the EXACT same number you chose in JackPilot (512 in the example). You may need to restart Ableton at this point, but you won't need to do that the next time you start all the programs.

    Now click the Routing tab in Jackpilot and route Traktor to Ableton. That's It!
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