all live finger drumming set?
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    Default all live finger drumming set?

    Hey folks.

    First post on these forums... (insert obligatory "hello, world" statement here)

    anyway, i'm looking to get to the point with my live set where i'm using no pre-recorded loops at all. i'm part of the way there, check out the following video::

    ... i've lately been getting way more into finger drumming (just ordered a midi fighter 3d, and have also been working with the KMI quneo).

    i have no problem putting full tracks together by themselves. the difficulty seems to be integrating them into a seamless dj-style performance live.


    in order to minimize latency, it's not really possible to have more than 1-2 fully loaded drum racks in the set at any one time. so, that leaves dragging things in on the fly... which is quite problematic.

    anybody find a good way around this? araabmuzik seems to have the right idea--with 2 completely separate MPCs set up so he can go from track to track easily.

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    Is pretty cool brah!
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    Nice work!

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