Using VCI-100 Jog Wheels Like Turntables When Cueing With Traktor 3
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    Default Using VCI-100 Jog Wheels Like Turntables When Cueing With Traktor 3

    Hi all,

    I have a problem that I can't seem to solve in using Traktor 3 and my VCI-100.

    Here's the scenario: a track is playing on deck a and I'm cueing up the next track on deck b. What I want to do is once I've found the point where I want to mix in the next track, I want to rock that spot back and forth like a vinyl turntable until I'm ready to release it and mix it in.

    I've tried using both the cue/pause and cue/play buttons but both buttons will continue to play after I've found my spot.

    Am I missing something or some setting in the software? Can this even be done? Does the VCI-100 need a firmware update to accomplish this? Will the 1.3 VCI-100 firmware update accomplish this? What about playing from the timecoded cds?

    I've looked thru several online forums including this one but not found the answers I'm looking for. If I'm not explaining the problem well enough for someone to help, please ask away and I'll try to clarify.

    My setup: Dell E-1705 laptop running Vista with 2 gigs of ram
    750 external hd with 10,000+ mp3 tracks
    Vestax VCI-100 midi mixer
    Native Instruments Audio DJ 8

    Bottom line: I want to be able to play using the above setup the same as with the 1200s MK2 or the limited edition gold-plated 1200s MK2 that I have. This way I can keep the turntables home in the studio but not miss a step when I go mobile or into a club.

    Many thanks in advance for any help.

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    all you should have to do is engage Vinyl Mode, hit play, and then grab the inner ring. Once you grab that inner ring, the LEDs change to red and you should be able to rock it back and forth. You might have a ramp up issue instead of instant start, but you'll compensate for that, I'm sure
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