Hello everyone,

Yesterday i went to play around a bit, i plugged my Traktor S4's USB into the rear port like I always do. I then plugged my Midifighter 3D into the front port and instead of getting all of the lights flashing and what not upon start up I just get the the first rectangular button on the top right lit up white. I plugged the MidiFighter into the rear USB port and everything worked fine. I then tried plugging my S4 into the front USB port and that failed to connected as well.

However, I have an external hard drive that uses both USB ports and that connected just fine. I'm perplexed by this to say the least. Anyone had a similar problem?

Attached is a photo of what I get when I plug my MidiFighter into the USB port closest to me.

Any help would be greatly appreciated, as I am really hoping I don't have to send my macbook in for repair. THANKS!