DJTT VCI-100 Mapping: How to control adv. efx on/off state?
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    Default DJTT VCI-100 Mapping: How to control adv. efx on/off state?

    SORRY I put this in the wrong place my bad, I would delete this message but I don't know how!

    Hi all, hopefully this is the right place to ask this question. I just got my VCI-100 and I immediately started using DJTT's mappings for obvious reasons. So far I'm pretty happy with everything (tho I'm choked about the last efx button not working but am so not going to try to upgrade the firmware myself), but I've found one thing that bugs me that I'm wondering if I'm missing. The advanced effects are set to 'off' in their default state - so if you're flipping thru different efx, they will be set to off once you make up your mind. Is there a button that is mapped to turn on advanced effect on? Currently i've been mousing to do so which really interrupts the flow.

    Addendum: I also just noticed that when I use the efx function for the left-deck EQs (the "cue" button on the factory default settings), as soon as i turn a knob, the effect will change, such that i end up with a chained efx of: flanger pulse + ringmod + delay t3. now it so happens that this is a pretty great set-up, but it's sort of annoying that it does it. My goal is to be able to control the parameters for effect 1 (chained) and effect 2 (advanced) simultaneously, for doing things like beatmasher + filter + delay.

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    I'm having the same problem - would also like to know how to set up a rotary function on the controller for 4 deck controlling rather than using the mouse to do so - the less mouse clicks the better! Cheers.

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