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    Default Budget Dj Controller!

    So, I might start playing gigs in a few months, since that is a good way to get known plus getting some money, this is my soundcloud in case you guys want to hear my stuff (soundcloud.com/jrodderick). A friend who plays at that club told me that they have CDj's in case I can't get a controller, but I prefer to rehearse something, try the control before taking action, and that won't happen in the club obviously, so my best choice is to buy a controller. Now, this would be my first time playing, I've seen Traktor with the S2 in action and seems pretty cool and flawless, I think I wouldnt have trouble adapting myself, but is kind of expensive. So, the question, buying a X1+Z1 can replace a full DJ controller like the S2? Can a different DJ controller be mapped to Traktor, for example, the Numark Mixtrack Pro 2? If so, can I use it with a F1 to have a remix deck? It would be amazing if you guys help me, because my friend uses Ableton Live, so he knows little about Traktor, and he is the only person I know in the scene. Thanks guys. Cheers.

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    Any controller can be mapped to Traktor. If you want something high quality but cheap, I've heard that the Gemini G2v and G4v are good. You can also get a Numark Mixtrack Pro. Also, there is the new Pioneer DDJ-SB. Or you can use a Z1 and F1. Those will probably have the tightest control over traktor, but you don't get jog wheels like with the other options.
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    You could also think about the XDJ-R1. I'm very much looking forward to get mine. It is a bit more expensive, but over there in the USA its much more affordable than here (900 EU, 600 USA). I guess a used one is even cheaper.
    That way you will get used to CDJs, cause this unit pretty much is 2 CDJs + a 2 Channel Mixer.
    It is also compatible with rekordbox so you can use the same USB drive on club CDJs, you have all basic features, quite some effects and even three Hot Cues, which are even still missing on most of the much more expensive CDJs.
    There have been some bugs in earlier firmwares, but most of them seem to be fixed. I cant report about it, but just watch some videos on YouTube and maybe read some at the pioneer forums. Also although it is MIDI compatible it doesnt ship with Traktor, nor has the tight integration and responsible Jogs in TP2.

    For the S2 MK2: I had this unit for 30 days, but it crashed a lot during that time. For me this is not an option anymore, since it just is not stable enough. Some people report that this might occur due to its iPad-compatibility, but this that doesn't even work itself that's even two reasons not to spend money on it. Maybe the old S2 (used=cheaper) is a better option. Or just the Z1 + X1 Mk2. Anyways: You won't get as comfortable with CDJs on any software/controler-system as you would an CDJs or the XDJ obviously. But the controller or CDJ - Discussion is a different one i guess.

    Greetings from Germany

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