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    Hi guys. I've been playing for a couple months a there was this thing that keeps coming up about electro - house, every time I go to play. The thing is that everybody plays the tracks that are new and fresh and gets me out game if I am the one who is going to play next. So I'm kinda new on this so I need to found new songs, new artist, etc but I'm kinda lost.
    So if you could help i would really appreciate it.

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    Hey, here's a few songs/artists that im loving at the moment on that kinda style: (dunno if theyre what you want)

    + Boys Noize - Starwin
    + The Chemical Brothers - Life Is Sweet (Daft Punk remix)
    + Boys Noize & Erol Alkan - Lemonade (also have a look at the Gesaffelstein remix)
    + DallasK - Alienz
    + Danger - 11h30 <---- look at his stuff
    + Prodigy - Breathe (Zeds dead remix)
    + Le Castle Vania - Play Loud
    + Cyberpunkers - Epic
    - Check This Out (original club mix)
    + Boys Noize and Siriusmo - Conchord (oliver remix) <---- very big!
    + Savant - Mother Earth
    - Splinter
    + Strip Steve - Stomp <---- look at his stuff
    + Rawrberry - Kipachu
    + Justice - Genesis
    + Fukkk Offf - Im a Freak
    + Feed Me - Chain Smoker
    + Adventure Club - Wait
    + ADS - Donup (strip steve remix)

    Hope these are of use to you my friend!

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    Where are you playing these gigs? It's weird that everyone before u is playing electro house?? I never hear it in my city

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