OT (sort of): NI Kore 2
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    Default OT (sort of): NI Kore 2

    Im thinking of picking this up in the future.

    Is anybody here using it (with ease and success?). I'll be using Ableton on Windows XP...and eventually 7 with it. My main reason would be getting away from the mouse, streamline, enhance the creative process, take advantage of those high res knobs.

    I use mostly NI VST but have several other VST synths as well I'll want to use it with. Im trying to read up on it now but any points of caution, praise, profanity, etc? Is it stable? How TRUE is that BS about being able to "click on any paramter in any VST and its mapped" feature? THAT is a major selling point for me. Are you able to save these settings. How customizable is it?

    Also...I trying to clarify if it can be used as a soundcard or not...because if so...no use for audio 4 purchase in the future. Is anybody using it as a soundcard in the club?

    edit: ok apparently version 2 hardware is not a sound card
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    Kore is awesome, its the cheapest way to get all those wicked NI synths - i think its well worth the $$$ personally

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