Funky chained efx behavior in DJTT Traktor Pro 2.4 map
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    Default Funky chained efx behavior in DJTT Traktor Pro 2.4 map

    I noticed that when I use the efx function for the left-deck EQs (the "cue" button on the factory default settings), as soon as i turn a knob, the effect will change. If I turn all 3 knobs, I end up with a chained efx of: flanger pulse + ringmod + delay t3. now it so happens that this is a pretty great set-up, but it's sort of annoying that the parameter change function isn't generic. My goal is to be able to control the parameters for effect 1 (chained) and effect 2 (advanced) simultaneously, for doing things like beatmasher + filter + delay. Is it possible to have any 3 effects chosen in a chained effect and controlled by the EQ knobs?

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    not with Ean's mapping. you will need to use the knobs on the right hand side in that case. the EQ FX mode is really only there for convinient access to those filters in a hardcoded fashion.
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    Having dedicated efx knobs is generally more useful to me than the EQ knobs. I wonder if anyone has made this modification already? I'd love to just be able to toggle the EQ knobs from generic chained efx params to eq...

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