TP 1.2 device target feature inspires but sucks
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    Default TP 1.2 device target feature inspires but sucks

    So TP 1.2 added a new feature called device target to be able to reuse the same mapping for multiple decks being controlled by multiple identical controllers. Unfortunately NI failed to make it possible to select the device target based on a modifier, which means this feature really just works if you allocate one controller per deck, there is no easy way to have one controller control two decks via some shift button/toggle switch.

    Now there is one way around this, by using bome midi translator to create 2 virtual controllers per virtual controller for example. this way 2 1-deck controller could control 4 decks with a single mapping in Traktor and a single bome script. however it means you need to remap every button through bomes.

    However I guess there is another approach that would also work in TP 1.x and that is use the deck focus. Now this approach requires not rely on the deck focus at all because we are going to abuse it as a modifier controllable deck selector. The idea is simply and in a way very tedious without bome. It would require that for every midi action defined in your mapping, you also map 4 commands that select the deck in focus based on a modifier. this modifier would for example select deck A when the modifier is set to 0, B for 1, C for 2 and D for 3. now all you need is to map switch for the modifier that either just goes from 0->1->2->3->0 or from 0->1->0/2->3->2.

    ok having to map 4 commands for each midi action will probably quickly diminish the advantage of being able to use the same midi script for all decks since you will have one endlessly long script. now with bome's however you could simply write a script that passes through all midi commands, but sends a deck focus select beforehand. so with this approach you just map one controller to the deck in focus plus a very simple bome script to add that deck select midi message to every action. a bit hacky, but quite a lot more flexible.

    for me however since i use a vci-100 this is not so feasible, since i first need to split up the two deck controlls on the vci-100 into two separate physical controllers that send the same messages. so i will already need to remap all commands for the right side to a new virtual controller in order to be able to use the above approach, but at that point i might as well write some additional bome magic to turn the two sides of the vci-100 into 4 virtual controllers. but i still thought it would be a good idea to share this idea even though i have no need to really try it out myself .. hopefully my idea isnt flawed .. because if it is .. i just wasted a lot of virtual characters on nothing ..
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    Actually coding this sort of things in Bomes would be pretty damn easy, you would have like 5 or 6 translators with just a small hand full of rules

    You could hijack the deck C/D knob on the VCI-100 to make the switch between outputing between two different midi pipes.

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