Hi there,

I am considerably new to DJing and have been so far using my Traktor controller but now is time to start familiarising myself with Pioneer equipment which is standard in most clubs.

I know that CDJ/DJM 2000's and 900's can be straightly connected to a laptop and is possible to use Traktor Pro just fine by also controlling (most) of the software using the mixer/turntables.

But when it comes to older Pioneer equipment, such as the Pioneer DJM800 + CDJ's 1000 MK3 I am not really sure what is needed to have a proper functionality (i.e. control Traktor with mixer/turntables) and I am kind of confused to be honest after thorough searching in the internet.

So I would be more than glad if you could enlighten me so I can be ready when I'm required to perform using that equipment.

Thank you in advance,