Hey Folks!
I'm really really sad, my macbook late 2011 is dead, the technical support is telling me that I need to replace my logic board and I don't have the money right know. I'm sending it to another technical support store but I don't know if they will say the same.
I got lucky that I've updated my mp3 case with new CDs so I can gig with CDJs, but at sometime I will need to burn new CDs and to purchase new tracks on my Windows 7 notebook until I can fix my macbook or buy a new one.

Since I need to keep going with my Windows laptop, I have some questions:
  • How can I migrate my itunes library on my macbook to an itunes library on my windows notebook?
  • Can I migrate it back to macbook sometime later?
  • Can I read the library with my Windows notebook and an external HDD case?
  • My traktor cuepoints and itunes comments will come with my library and mp3s?

Any help will be appreciated, thanks.