Pioneer Buffer Issue
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    When is Pioneer going to add a buffer to their equipment?

    If you lose the LINK cable connection on the CDJ-2000's your track dies? And if you accidentally pull the wrong USB drive you music dies. This is ridiculous. USB drives should be able to be yanked without consequence. The track is already analyzed and waveforms are present. Hot Cues can jump to the last beat of the track playing. What's the deal?

    And on the XDJ-R1 if you pull out the USB drive you get dead air too. Since it only has one USB port, you can't switch DJ's on the fly.

    It is ridiculous that this "professional" DJ equipment lacks this simple archaic feature.

    How much does it cost to add a chipset that loads the track and plays through the internal memory?

    Funny thing is the Pioneer XDJ-AERO will buffer the track in case you lose the wifi connection.


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    I thought the 2000 Nexus looped for you when you pull the USB. I could be wrong, this is just something my friend told me.

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