Setting Latency Effectively?
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    Default Setting Latency Effectively?

    A few people have told me the best way to set latency is to put it down as low as possible, then move it up until the is no clipping, crackling etc in the audio. So i put my latency right down to 1.0ms and it sounded fine.. Surely this cant be right!?

    What is actually the best and most effective way to set latency??


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    Don't just set it, but also play. So, set it at 1ms and then play for ten minutes, using all the effects, loops, tracks and toys you can. That way you'll stress the latency.
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    Take all 4 decks, play a song on each, apply all the effects to all 4 decks, and set key lock and drastically change the pitch on all tracks. Start around 15ms, work down till it starts to stutter and crackle, and then go up one or two steps from there and you should be fine.
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    oh this one should totally be a dj tech tools tutorial video
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