Hi everyone,

I am a considerably new DJ and have so far DJ'ed using my controller (Traktor S2) along with Traktor Pro and it was both great and satisfying. However, I now wish to progress by learning how to use Pioneer equipment which is a standard in most clubs - therefore, is a must to be able to.

What I would like to know is what is needed to use Pioneer CDJs + a Pioneer mixer along with Traktor software.

For example, I know that it is possible to use the latest model of CDJ's (2000's nexus) + DJM900/2000 perfectly along with Traktor Pro 2, i.e. it is possible to control the software by using the hardware and also see the songs in the CDJs.
In the case above, am I right to assume that the only thing needed is to use USB cables (to connect each CDJ and the mixer to the laptop) and a CDJ aggregator?

In another case of having for example 2 CDJ's 1000 MK3 and DJM 800 - what is needed to connect these with a laptop and efficiently use Traktor?

I have searched a lot through the internet but I'm kind of confused so would be thankful if someone could enlighten me.

Thank you,