How Do You Do Your Digital Crate Digging?
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    Default How Do You Do Your Digital Crate Digging?

    Just wondering what services, sites, methods, routines etc other people use. Reason I am asking is that I find it tough to be structured with it and end up digging into Spotify's related artists until I get lost and forget that I was looking for tunes to buy etc.

    Just wondering how you keep focus, what you use, what you look for, what are your indicators for a good tune etc (which I know can be somewhat subjective)?
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    i find a track i like in a digital store > listen to other tracks on the release > check the people who bought this also bought/stuuf you might like/more from same label and repeat

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    I use beatport and traxsource charts. I also watch other dj's I like doing youtube mixes (boilerroom etc)

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