Hey guys,

I just upgraded from a behringer DDM 4000 to the xone 22. I've noticed however that since getting the new mixer, I'm finding it really hard to hear the track in the headphones. Its almost like the mids and highs are a lot louder then the lows and so I'm really having difficulty hearing the kick drum. I'm finding that im having to turn up the headphone volume almost to the point I cant even hear the track coming through the speakers. I'm using allen and heath xd 53 headphones that were fine on the old mixer. I could have a track beatmatched in no time at all. Now I'm pretty much running out of track.

Just wandering if this is normal for allen & heath mixers, as I know they are analogue so may sound a bit 'warmer' It is possible my ears just need to adjust? Or is there a fault somewhere?

Any help, much apreciated!