Hey. So I bit the bullet and got an S4 MK2 and Traktor Pro 2.

$850 later I am a bit frustrated about one thing. I hope you can help.

I have been using Torq for several years. The cornerstone of the mixing I've been doing is probably a poor man's version of flux mode or simply jumping around in tracks/re-editing them on the fly, but it's the whole reason I got Traktor. I thought it would behave similarly.

I want to be able to assign cuepoints (Hot cues) to trigger buttons (not keys on a keyboard lol) and have the song start from the given stored cue point even when it is *not* playing. I.e. I want to be able to load the song into a deck, and hit cuepoint button 3 for example on the S4 and have it start playing there. It seems the only way to do this is to simultaneously press play and the cuepoint # (not ideal).

I cannot figure out how to make this happen in Traktor. Am I missing something?? Is this what the Kontrol X1 or F1 are for?

the manual says:

The behavior of a Hotcue button depends on the playback status of the track.

- When the Deck is playing, clicking a Hotcue button will jump the play position to the
mapped Cue/Loop In Point and continue playing.
- When the Deck is paused, the Hotcue buttons behave in the same manner as the CUE
button in the Transport Controls, i.e. clicking it jumps the play position to the mapped
Cue/Loop In Point. Holding the Hotcue button will continue playback until it is released.
Upon release the playback position will jump back to the Cue/Loop In Point and remain
Activate Snap (S) and Quantize (Q) in the Master panel to get a seamless Hotcue jump.