Help with setup please!
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    Default Help with setup please!

    Right, so here is my problem in some detail:

    I recently purchased a couple of Yamaha HS7 monitors, as well as an audio interface (Motu '4pre' - link below)

    I bought these for music production use more than anything, but i was recently reunited with my Numark ndx400's and my Numark M3 Mixer; and was hoping to use my monitors to mix, through the interface.

    The problem i've encountered is that my M3 mixer only has RCA outputs which I can't seem to successfully connect to the '4pre' (I know, not the most impressive piece of equipment, but they are serving me fine for now)

    The only slots which the RCA's connect to are the S/pdif slots, but i obviously don't get any audio coming from my monitors if I plug into these.

    So can anybody please help me solve this problem? Do I need a converter or cable?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated as i've been waiting a long time to have all my stuff at my disposition and I can't even get it to work together now

    My equipment:

    -Yamaha Hs7 monitors
    - Motu '4pre' interface (has several line-in ports/xlr slots & firewire & s/pdif)
    -Numark M3 Mixer (only has rca outputs)
    -Numark NDX 400's

    Thanks a lot to anyone who tries to help out!

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    buy rca to TS jack or rca to XLR cables pretty much answered your own question in your post, you might need to be running some kind of DAW to then hear the sound as im not familiar with how your audio interface works (some work without needing software running the inputs into the outputs, others require this software routing)

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    Looks lik a pair of quarter inch tsr jacks so, yeah an RCA to tsr connector going in and tsr to XLR into the monitors. Something like that. RCA to XLR connectors would bypass the interface if your mixer is capable of it. I'm not familiar with it so I don't know.

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    If you want to connect the mixer to the Motu interface, get a pair of RCA to TS adapters and plug them into the "MIC LINE IN" sockets 1+2 on the Motu, then use standard RCA-RCA cables.

    The Motu interface would then be connected to the HS7s using standard TRS cables.

    This means you don't have to buy specialised cables, giving you more flexibility with setups.
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