Hey guys,

I am from Holland and I have been lurking and skulking around here for quite some time. I have this incredibly annoying habit of always wanting to know what im talking about before getting involved in the conversation.

I go by the name of EBK and I usually mix tech-house and techno with some percussion layers added to the mix.

I only recently started mixing a year ago, I have a midi controller and I use traktor.

Now that a year has passed I am looking for a more advanced mixer. I was able to grab some Denon S3000 CDJ as a pair for a real nice price (the guy only used them for about 100 hours in the time he has had them).

Subsequently today I went to a local store and spoke to the guy there about some of the options. Basically I want to be able to hook up the Denons so I can mix CDJ. But also I want to be able to map my mixer to 3 sample decks with Traktor and 1 for the F1 I recently purchased..

I had looked at the Xone 92, DB2 and the 4D. The guy at the local store said to forget about the DB2 as it is not fully midi mappable to Traktor. I said that I had seen folks using the DB2 with either the K2 or X1 and he told me that you would still not have many cue points (4 instead of 8) and that the 4D may be a more solid choice. When he says not midi mappable does that mean that I can't use as internal mixer ?

I am also aware that the Xone 92 needs Audio8 or 10 and the cost of that together pushes it pretty close to the DB4.

My gripe with the 4D I guess is that the two midi controls on the sides seems abit outdated and I was under the assumption that the DB2 at least gets firmware updates and is abit more future proof ?

So fellow music lovers and aficionados who is going to jump in and help me out because to be honest thanks to this visit im more confused and stuck than I was beforehand !

Thanks for your time and consideration