Trying to set up Traktor with Reason 6.5
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    Default Trying to set up Traktor with Reason 6.5

    Hey guys

    Im running Reason 6.5 and Traktor Pro 2.6.4. Ive just been told about a piece of software called "jack" which might be able to send the output of Traktor into Reason.

    I have tried to set this up myself but am finding it really difficult.

    Does anyone know of a way that I can send the output of Traktor into Reason 6.5. Reason does accept audio input through a device called "balance" but I dont have that, plus that sounds a bit long winded to do it through hardware at this stage

    If anyone has any advice or help to get me to this goal I would be so grateful.


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    i thought Jack audio is only for Mac?
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    how about getting a souncard for reason? so your set up would be; audio signal coming from your mixer to input on your souncard. just make sure you have reason configured to use that soundcard
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    Are you using Windows or Mac? If it's windows you want to select the JackRouter (ASIO) audio device in both programs. Then you run the Jack Control Panel. Click on the Connect button and then you can route the audio from traktor into reason.

    This shows you how to route Maschine into Traktor, it's a similar concept..
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