Selling Merch at DJ gigs.
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    Default Selling Merch at DJ gigs.

    This is a strange question that I honestly don't even know how to search for. Basically, I am a DJ and a producer. I write and produce my own music that I play in the clubs in addition to playing others' music. However, I come from the background of being in a band, and the biggest thing for bands to do to try and earn money is to sell merch. Think branded Tshirts, stickers, pins, CDs/records, lighters, etc. Basically anytime i was starting a new band the process would go this 1. write music 2. record demos 3. find gigs 4. purchase merch to sell at shows

    My question is this: Do DJ/Producers ever do this? I guess it would be sort of weird if im doing a guest or opening set to bring a merch booth and set up at a bottle service club. But i play some shows that are more of music showcases as well, i just happen to DJ at them. I also run my own night where there is plenty of room to setup a little booth and sell cds, shirts, and maybe glowsticks or something. I've never seen another EDM artist sell merch unless it was a super big headliner (deadmau5, steve aoki, etc) Then again, i havent seen many other touring acts.

    Can anyone shed any light on this?

    (tried searching, got nothing)

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    It is done. Usually ask the venue if it's normal for them to have merch booths. Lots of places will have the bar staff sell the merch and just give you the money and left over merch at the end of the night. Most common way I've seen it done though is that that DJ/performer/artist has a webstore and they hand out shit loads of business cards with the link on it.
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