Moving Forward (Please Help)
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    Default Moving Forward (Please Help)

    Hello Everyone!

    So basically I only know how to transition between songs like a typical wedding DJ. I have done small dances and things, people have fun but it is really bland for me. I want to get more into DJing because I mainly produce music. I was wondering if there was any tips on learning to be more of a performance artist rather than a "wedding DJ" pressing buttons. I also want to switch to Traktor from what I am using (Virtual DJ) because I think it has a lot more options. I own a Mixtrack Pro and a Novation Launchpad.

    I thought I'd ask because it seems like everyone here is very good at performing and would know the next step.
    Thank you,

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    there is a traktor mapping for the launchpad some where online... i can upload mine for you if you want. get your self a copy of traktor and spend a solid month working with it. try mapping the launchpad to the remix decks and mess around. you have to try different things to find what suits you

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    Use your launchpad with ableton to add a live element to your sets! The launch pad is amazing for sort of stuff. You can load up all of your synths in there and it will even lay out keys + chords for you on the pad!
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    Yeah! Use your LP with Ableton! I'm sure someone's made a Ableton map for the Mixtrack. My mixes have been a lot more fun since I've been djing with Ableton.

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