Cmd Pl 1 or X1 mk 2
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    Default Cmd Pl 1 or X1 mk 2

    Hi, djtechtoolers, today I am experiencing a dilemma.
    I don't wan't to give up the pitch control and jog wheels as I like them , and therefore I am considering the Behringer CMD PL1. I come from vinyl and cdj.
    I do not relish the idea of using a touch strip and pushing buttons ala x1 mk2.
    I own tractor and feel as though I may have to bite the bullet and get an x1.
    My question is can I have what I want with cmd pl 1?
    My next question is has anybody experienced the pl one?, i.e. ease of loading behringer tractor tsi, button performance, tsi performance, and build quality.
    Or in the end will I have better luck biting the bullet and going jog wheels-less with x1 mk2?
    Ty in advance.

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    i havent used the pl1 but behringer stay away man it might be good but i would really sugest getting the x1. if you miss your faders then just get a cheap midi controller with faders to midi mapp it to the pitcch but yea i would go for the x1

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    The PL1 and X1 are not that similar so don't really make a good comparison.
    Plus, the PL1 works just fine with Traktor and is much cheaper than the X1. There was one for sale for 30 in the Sales thread.

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    The PL-1 is made of plastic but, year later all of my buttons/knobs are still in business as I have expected them to be.

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    PL-1 is ok for the price. Hard plastic buttons, which are not as nice to use as X1's (which are softer and feel a lot better), but are nicely sized. Tsi mapping supplied by Behringer is mostly ok, but has some quirks in it (at least for me), but modifying it isn't too hard. Overall feel of PL-1 is solid and sturdy; you could get much worse with the ~100 bucks/whatever coins.

    These are my experiences from my unit; I've owned it for a month or so though, so I can't really tell if it's gonna last for years.
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    A user on this forum sells 2x denon sc-2000 which are the same as pl-1 but with better build quality & and a longer pitch fader so check that out
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    I was just on dj forums regarding the model i'm interested in and some folks had trouble.
    I think I will go with something else.

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    You can also take under consideration the reloop contour controller edition or, if you don't have an external soundcard, the reloop contour interface edition that has a built in soundcard with 4 out stereo channel... so you take one interface edition and one controller edition... i tested them and the quality is much better than berhinger controllers... from the construction material to the button feel..

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