Hey Guys,

This is my first post here, I registered hoping someone might be able to help me or point me in the right direction.

Not long ago I purchased my first DJ set up - Traktor Z1 and X1 and traktor pro 2 for my Mac.
I love them, I really feel like I have great control over my mixes, even though this setup limits me to 2 decks and 2 fx.

Along the way I decided to purchase Lemur since I have an Ipad thinking it would be way cool to have Lemur give me control over FX 3 and 4, while leaving FX 1 and 2 (more base kinda fx) for my X1. I just want to put like the really flashy FX on Lemur.

However, I cannot seem to get Lemur running without it overriding my X1 controls. I see in the preferences in traktor where I choose the controller, but it seems to be one or other other, and I can't get them both to work independent from one another.

This must be possible. X1 controls FX 1 and 2 only, lemur controls fx 3 and 4 only. I am not at all savvy with mapping buttons in traktor, nor mapping lemur. So far I have just tried to find Lemur templates and see what works, but they all override my X1, as soon as i import the TSI file to let Lemur control traktor.

Can anyone tell me what steps I need to take to make this work? Do I need to make a new mapping file (TSI? they are the same right?) for the X1. Does this TSI file need to be made keeping in mind Lemur. Also, do i need to design my own lemur template? or does anyone know one I can download?

Kindly and eagerly hoping someone can help me. I feel quite overwhelmed by the technical side of this.