DVS Timecode for any soundcard?
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    Default DVS Timecode for any soundcard?


    I have recently moved from a controller setup to a forming dvs setup. I have turntables and a mixer, but i dont want to have to spend 200+ on a new soundcard for traktor as I already have a perfectly good soundcard which i use for producing. (Its an Echo AudioFire 4 if thats any help) Can i change the executable file in the traktor folder (Mac OS X) using a hex editor to eliminate having to buy a traktor soundcard as well? Ive seen videos on how to do it with a Xone DB4 but i dont know if this works with this specific soundcard or any other one. Im also planning on buying a Focusrite 2i4 to replace the Echo if its not possible with that one.

    Cheers guys

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    Your sound card doesn't have the correct inputs (phono level).
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    Instead of spending 150 on the Focusrite and using a cracked and hacked copy if Traktor Scratch Pro.
    Why don't you save the 150, sell the Echo and use the money buy the Traktor Audio 6 that comes with Traktor Scratch Pro and all the required components at 250 and do it the legal way instead of being a cheat.

    A little thought, effort and bit more money will get you a quality setup instead of a cracked, dodgy setup.

    Food for thought.

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    Karlos nailed it. Sell the Echo and get an A6.
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    Some of the DVS software can work with any soundcard. And you can get by without a phono preamp if the software allows it and the soundcard is good quality, which yours will be.

    If you're adventurous you could try the open-source DVS on Linux (it's free), called xwax.

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