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    Hey guys whats i had quick question ? about pricing i've djed a few clubs this past year and i've been paid 100 to 150 a night. I was wondering Do other clubs usually have a certain pay or do more popular djs get paid more i've been getting my name out there and asked to dj more and 100 bucks really isn't cutting it anymore

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    Back in the day (1990s-2000s) I made +-$1k per night spinning vinyl. I used to make atleast 10% of drink sales. Nowadays I have to set-up my own gigs with a few other local DJs. We did very well last year. DJing at clubs isn't the way to make money these days. It's a way to get yourself out there and build a following. My first venture in '03 setting up my own gig cost me $3k (maxed out all my credit cards). I was so worried that I wouldn't be able to sell 500 tickets at $10 a pop. It took alot of work and stress putting the word out, but well worth it as I ended up taking home +-$20k after selling alcohol. I did learn very quickly that I needed help managing everything. Now there's 4 of us to date, and setting up is alot smoother. Sometimes club promoters call us and we cut a deal.

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    It depends on so many things - your town, attendance, your skills, length of your sets, price of tickets, etc. The best thing to do would be to ask the other DJs you play with, it's not a universal thing.

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    I typically DJ for $100/hour if it's open ended as to what my play time is, if I know my slot I charge flat rate, 9-12? Cool Three hours, $300 flat rate. I NEVER play for less than $50/hour
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