Hi djtechtools!

I have a question for you guys;

I'm using a vci-100se with numark dj i/o interface and a macbook pro retina (late 2013) with following specs:

Processor: 2.4 GHz inte core i5 (with automatic "turbo-boost" to about 2.9-3.0 GHz)

RAM: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3

Graphics: intel iris 1024 MB

Storage: 120 GB flash-drive

My question:

When i use traktor pro 2, i can only get 8.8 ms in my lowest latency setting, but then it peaks in the load meter. I can use 14 ms without any problems though..
I have tried to plug in my behringer cmd studio 4a which has a built-in soundcard and external power supply, and with that setup (using cmd as audio interface) i can get lower latency than with my numark interface without any lag/peak in the load.

So, why do i get that big load only when using my numark? Is it possible that the numark's performance is affected by only going on usb-power?
I can't even select latency or sample rate in numark usb control panel; it's not even possible to select, i only get info about the unit in that control panel..

Thanks for good answers & solutions!